• NEL11511-SOFT NET CLEANSING CREAM – Oily or impure skin

    Formulated wuth bacteriostatic and purifying botanical ingredients, this unique formula is ideal for removing all impurities and reduce the appearance of blackheads and any shiny aspect caused by the excess of sebum. The skin feels perfectly cleansed, healthy and fresh.

    Ideal for exfoliating the skin and stimulating blood circulation. Made of boar bristles, the Body Brush is an essential tool for a body care treatment. A daily energizing and oxygenating gesture which optimizes the absorption and effectiveness of all Nelly De Vuyst body products. Before a shower, in circular movements, Use the brush on dry skin on affected areas from the feet up towards the heart.
  • NEL13001-SENSITIVE SKIN SERUM – Sensitive skin, Rosacea The synergy of soothing and decongesting ingredients visibly reduces the appearence of redness and rosacea symptoms for a more uniform complexion and a smoother skin texture.
  • NEL13011-FIRMING SERUM – Loose skin lacking elasticity, Dilated pores Made with firming and lifting botanical ingredients, this intensive serum contributes to visibly improve the appearance of the face contour while enhancing the tone and texture of the skin.
  • NEL13021-CELLULAR-MATRIX SERUM – Expression wrinkles, Superficial wrinkles Formulated with Acmella Oleracea extracts, a mucle relaxant ingredient, this serum helps prevent and reduce the appearence of expression lines. Containing a complex of Marin Elastin and Collagen, this serum moisturizes* and helps soften the aspect of superficial wrinkles.
  • NEL13041-VITALIFT-C-HA SERUM – All skin types, Hyperpigmentation & dull complexion Specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of brown spots, dull complexion and visble signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines ect.). This serum is made with biphased liposomes of glow-boosting and radiance-enhancing ingredients such as Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid
  • NEL13501-HYGIA MULTI-USE OIL – Acne, Oily or impure skin

    Made with a specific blend of antiseptic and bacteriostatic essential oils of lavendar, thyme, rosemary geranium and eucalyptus, it leaves the skin’s complexion looking clearer and heathier. It can also be used on burns, wounds, tattoos, ect.
  • NEL13511-SENSITIVE SKIN EXTRACT – Sensitive skin, Rosacea Formulated with decongesting and soothing botanical ingredients, this oil helps reduce the appearence of redness and provides an immediate sensation of comfort. Irritations are appeased and the skin is left with a more even complexion.
  • NEL13541 – PURIFYING EXTRACT – Oily, Impure or combination skin, Dilated pores Formulated with a blend of essential oils known for their ability to normalize the sebum activity, this extract will help prevent and diminish the appearance of T-zone shine and blackheads.
  • NEL14001 – OILY SKIN GEL CREAM – Oily skin prone to dilated pores, Acne symptoms Made with a blend of purifying and moisturizing* natural ingredients known for their normalizing activty on the sebum production, this non greasy emulsion is ideal for preventing and reducing the appearance of shiny areas, blackheads, papules and pustules while offering a mat finishing.
  • NEL14011-SENSITIVE SKIN CREAM – Sensitive skin, Rosacea The synergy of soothing and calming ingredients helps prevent the appearance of reactive skin symptoms (irritation, rash, burning effect, ect.) while providing an instant fresh and pleasant feeling. This light and creamy emulsion offers a long lasting hydration.* *hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis
  • NEL14031-DRY SKIN CREAM – Dry skin and/or skin predisposed to eczema or psoriasis This emulsion formulated with moisturizing bio-imitating ingredients such as Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) and essential fatty acids provides immediate and long-term hydration lasting up to 24 hours. From the first application, the skin looks and feels dramatically healthier and softer; fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration are instantly smoothed out.
  • NEL14071-LIFTING COMPLEX CREAM – mature and dry skin, Loose skin lacking elasticity Formulated with a revolutionary complex of Pentapeptides and Lipopeptides known for its boosting capacity on the Pro-collagen, Elastine and Hyaluronic acid renewal. This cream promotes a skin looking visibly firmer, plumper and softer. The appearance of wrinkles is smoothed out and the face contour looks lifted and tightened.
  • NEL14091-RADIANCE CREAM – Hyperpigmentation, Dull complexion This unique formula helps render a lighter, even and more radiant looking complexion within 30 days. Containing Argan Oil , a regenerating and anti-aging ingredient, the Radiance Cream  helps the skin keep its optimal hydration*. It also prevents acne scars.
  • NEL14101-REPAIR COMPLEX CREAM – Mature, Sensitive and reactive skin Formulated with intelligent ingredients helping to instantly soothe sensations of discomfort, irritation, tingling or itching skin. This cream helps diminish local or diffused redness and helps prevent telangiectasia

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