Don’t you just love that refreshing feeling after your waxing appointment with us? You feel clean, smooth and ready to take on your day!

What if we told you there are ways you can make this feeling last longer even with some regrowth; and it will be perfectly timed for your next appointment?

Here is how to do it! Our list of dos and don’ts!

Keep in mind that waxing is a great way to remove hair for a good period of time as it removes the entire hair with its root. This slows down the process of regrowth allowing you to enjoy smooth skin just a little longer! That being said, waxing is partial to hair removal as maintaining that now smooth area is just as important.

Soothe and refrain from touching

Being a treatment that could cause some discomfort to the skin as it undergoes heat and hair pulling; applying a cold compress can be very beneficial to reduce any redness, irritation or swelling. Furthermore, the skin will be in a very sensitive state and requires minimal contact. Excessive touching could invite bacteria to enter your open pores and lead to infections.   

Take good care of your waxed area 

Your skin requires and will require a lot of hydration that is why we strongly recommend moisturizing and exfoliating days prior and shortly afterwards. Keep in mind, using the wrong products or even the right ones too early can cause more harm than good that is why we strongly advise talking to our estheticians as they will recommend the perfect time frame and great products from our selection for your skin type. Perfumed and oil-based products are to be avoided.

Be mindful of your undergarments

This might sound silly but just wearing the right kind of underwear after your appointment makes a huge difference. After a wax session, your skin is very sensitive to any kind of proximity and rubbing, that is why our estheticians recommend cotton underwear as they are much more breathable and looser pants to avoid any kind of friction that would cause unwanted bumps or pimples.

Avoid heat and sweat

Avoid hot showers, baths, saunas and any activity that could cause you to sweat such as exercising. These activities might seem harmless but high heat could generate redness and irritation while sweat could clog your open pores and results in pimples. 

Avoid shaving between treatments

This might seem productive but removing hair by shaving between appointments is a big no-no. Because waxing removes roots, this allows the hair to grow finer or not at all, however shaving these thin hairs and postponing your next appointment will allow the root to grow stronger making your next wax less efficient and more painful.

Avoid picking at ingrown hair

They are quite annoying and are sure persistent; yet squeezing them could generate increased inflammation if not more ingrowns. It is very important to refrain from touching them and just allow them time to go away. Loose fitting clothes could help speed the process. If ingrown hairs seem to be a reoccurring issue, please talk to our professional estheticians and they will guide you accordingly.

Create a healthy waxing schedule

Lastly, scheduling waxing appointment can be tricky since you need to reach a minimal length of hair to be able to go on with the treatment yet allowing big gaps could limit your benefits. The beauty of waxing is that with time it thins your hair (making it less visible) or can even stop from growing. This is altogether seems great but thinning hair is harder to wax this is why you need to follow a frequence that allows the waxing to be efficient. This seems all so complicated but do not worry; our experts will be happy to guide you in scheduling your appointments so you can enjoy the full benefits. 

Here you have it dears, the SpaDiva dos and don’ts of waxing! 

We hope this has helped you.

Waxing is a wonderful hair removing treatment and can have very lasting benefits with some teamwork; our professionals and yourself and we are absolutely delighted to have you trust us and are honored to be part of your team. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! It is always a pleasure chatting with our guests.


More fun and beauty blogs are on the way so make sure to stay tuned!

Until next time.